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Book dating guest site

However, for us with a disability, it can feel impossible. Unseen disability, on the other hand, can be hidden and, depending on its prominence, there’s a chance for assumed normalcy among peers.

I can argue this two ways: a Seen Disability (physical) is easier to navigate than an Unseen Disability (mental) because, for the most part, I’m saved from having to explain myself; people can assume my limitations, often fairly accurately.

For an analogy, dating is like playing the claw game you see at movie theaters and arcades.

In this game I’m imagining, there’s a pile of stuffed animals (all the people we can date) in the middle, and a stuffed bear holding a heart (a lasting relationship) off to the side.

The hope is to grab that bear, but it’s rare and tricky.This path is for people with thicker skins, of which I did not have until I had been playing the game for a bit longer. I don’t think the first way is dishonest and I don’t think either way is necessarily better than the other, but it’s a decision we have to make and there’s a strategy behind both approaches.Dating with a disability can be filed under exhausting, but I think that’s the case with able-bodied dating as well, so we’re not alone.That’s a whole different can of worms that I don’t have experience with, so I’ll only talk about Seen Disabilities.In the age of algorithm-generated romantic matches, we have a choice to make: keep our disability a secret or come out with it.

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My chair is a little bit of a stick in the mud in regards to my being attractive, so it’s okay if it’s not featured on my profile, right?

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