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Every time I get on the computer here at the library, I go to Facebook, Myspace, and this forum." But keep in mind, if you aren't ready to look for other GLBT teens in your high school, there's always college.In fact, a lot of GLBT students specifically look for gay-friendly colleges. You may be here because you searched "I think I'm gay" or "I think I'm bisexual". If you need support with understanding your sexuality, or help when you're decided when and how to come out to your friends and family, 7 Cups is here for you.We have a friendly and supportive online LGBTQ community that is free and easy to access.

I ran off one day in a fit of tears looking for someone to talk to that had all of the answers.

If you are sexually attracted to both males and females, then you are bisexual.

It doesn't have to be equal attraction to both - you could be 80% into guys and only 20% into girls, that's okay.

I had used for a project at school, and I asked myself, who would be able to understand me most....a gay teenager like myself...hhhmm... I found one of my dearest friends on here that first day.

No matter what I am going through he can always make me laugh.

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And while there are certain precautions you should take, both online or off, meeting people who get you, can be done.

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