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Bhutan women dating

Because there are no surnames and each child can have an entirely different name altogether, this means the entire family can have varying names without outsiders ever knowing that they are related to one another. CHOPPING TREES AND FISHING ARE NOT ALLOWED Besides a no-killing policy, Bhutan’s constitution also stipulates that the country must have at least 60 per cent forest cover.For example, Bhutan’s current queen Jetsun Pema’s father is called Dhondup Gyaltshen and her mother is Sonam Chuki, while her two brothers are called Thinlay Norbu, Jigme Namgyal and two sisters, Serchen Doma and Yeatso Lhamo. This means that chopping of trees, unless special permission is granted, is not allowed and the government imposes heavy fines and even imprisonment.

Pretty much like how Westerners hide liquor bottles in brown paper bags. BHUTANESE LOVE THEIR CHEESE It’s not just the Europeans who love cheese, the Bhutanese do too - especially if it’s spicy.

Also, there are over 5,400 bars across Bhutan and even a few clubs in the capital city of Thimphu.

For a small country, it manufactures everything from beer to red wines and dessert wines, and even whisky.

But this doesn’t mean there are no secret night-fishing activities going on. TUESDAYS ARE "DRY DAYS" No, I’m not talking about the weather. Contrary to what many might think, the Bhutanese love to drink.

In fact, the Bhutanese have a per capita adult consumption of 8.47 litres of pure alcohol, which is higher than the average global consumption of 6.2 litres.

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Bhutan also encourages its citizens to grow trees for firewood and construction timber.

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