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Races range from 30k events to grueling tests of will and stamina of up to 100 miles and more, which can take more than 24 hours to finish (a seasoned veteran now, Gibbard’s best 100 mile time is ). "It was just going to start like that, it was never an, 'I’m going to change my life' type of moment."Even though he didn't make a conscious decision to change his behavior at that point, Gibbard would eventually leave the rock and roll lifestyle behind, getting sober and refocusing his priorities.

By 2011, he had set himself on the path to ultrarunning.

Gibbard has to fit his runs in on the road, finding trails and courses along the way. He considers his training sessions a crucial opportunity to shift his focus away from his work."[Running] has provided me a way to remove myself from the creative process for periods of time," he reflected.

"There was a time in which music was pretty much the only thing in my life.

or, my personal favorite, Camper Van Beethoven’s improbable cover of Fleetwood Mac’s weird-to-begin-with Tusk.

And I was going to follow it until it ended," he said.

"It was a moment that I think people meditate to get to, they use psychedelics to get to....

One loses some of the distortion in the guitars and some of the shoegaze-y elements of the original, but one also gains a sense for the album’s contemporary relevance, as though to say to today’s listeners, “you, too, can learn from Teenage Fanclub!

”Too often known as the other album released in 1991, Bandwagonesque is ripe for reappraisal, and Gibbard’s album-length cover certainly gives plenty of reasons to do so.

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Thanks to Turntable Kitchen’s vinyl subscription series “Sounds Delicious”, we can now partake in Gibbard’s fandom.