Asp net formview itemupdating e newvalues Free skype sex chats id of girls

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Asp net formview itemupdating e newvalues

Why would every parameter exist in the New/Old Value arguments except the "salesprice" parameter?I've tried populating the textbox without the formatstring, and it's still missing.2) Is so, when I cancel the edit (because I did the update myself), and change mode, the Form View returns to read only mode as inteneded (good so far).However, when I hit F5 (refresh), the Item Updating method is called again, and updates the database.

NET seems to automatically cast the string in the Enum Type Property to Enum Type before putting it in the property.

The formview's datasource updateparameter is set to do nothing so that I can handle the update in codebehind.

Every item works fine, except for one parameter ("salesprice") that is missing in the Old Values and New Values argument of the Item Updating event of the formview.

Lasty, the select query of the object datasource is a stored procedure that performs several joins based on PF/FK relationships to bring back more meaningful information than just a FK, so some columns are just the joined value, and can not be updated directly.

Again, formview is trying to pass these parameters So given that, I have defined the following even handler for a simple form view: (not sure if this is the way to proceed given the above, but...) protected void Form View1_Item Updating(object sender, Form View Update Event Args e) My questions are as follows: 1) Is this the right approach?

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