Asp net dating software

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Asp net dating software

The last search criteria for each user is saved and it is available the next time the user goes to the search page.

Saved searches and new matches e-mails are supported.

If a decision cannot be made (not enough votes for either) then the photo is left for manual approval by the site administrators.

After a decision is made the software gives or takes points from each user.

In version 6.0 there is additional privacy level “Friends and their friends”.

With this feature users can link their Skype account to their profile.

Users can post status updated back to Facebook and invite their friends to join the site.

When enabled the features allows your users to post classified ads.

The status is shown on the user profile page, in the online friends list and in the friend events.

Similar to Facebook and other social networking sites.

Asp Net Dating gives you the ability to let your users decide which photos are appropriate and which are not.

Each new photo is moderated by 20 (configurable) users and then the system decides whether to approve it based on the majority of the votes.

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The friends list is useful for community sites similar to Facebook and Hi5, while the favorites list (crush list) is ideal for dating sites similar to and

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