Analytical laboratories gasoline age dating analysis

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Analytical laboratories gasoline age dating analysis

Thermal Desorption Tubes Methods such as EPA Method TO-17 (1999), EPA IP-1B (1990) and/or NIOSH 2549 (1996) use stainless steel thermal desorption tubes (packed with one or multiple sorbent materials) and a personal sampling pump to sample for VOCs in indoor/ambient air.

In general, thermal desorption methods were written to detect low concentrations of VOCs in indoor/ambient air, with reporting limits typically in the low ppb V (µg/m3) range.

The offers methods for stable isotope analysis of gases, water, and solids.

The lab is well known for its methods for determination of the isotopic composition of nitrate and ammonia nitrogen to support the investigation of nitrate contamination of groundwater and environmental fate and transportation.

Instrumentation in the Water Sciences Laboratory is used for developing and applying methods to accurately measure very low concentrations of organic contaminants such as pesticides, munitions waste, both steroids and veterinary pharmaceuticals/antibiotics from concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), algal toxins, gasoline additives, and degradation products in a wide variety of matrices.

All compounds detected are then assumed to have the same response factor as the calibration compound.

Natural variations of the abundance of these isotopes can help discover the origin and flow of these elements in the environment.

Stable isotope analysis often “fingerprints” sources of contaminants such as nitrate and can also be used in studying chemical reactions and metabolic processes.

PIDs contain a UV lamp of a particular energy (e.g.

10.6 e V or 11.7 e V); any chemical species with an ionization potential at or below this energy will be detected.

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Read more about the dedicated instrumentation for our analytical methods below.

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