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Aim sex chat

An online survey of 2058 MSM in France included assessments of UAI with partners met online, responses to erotic chatting about UAI, intentions to use condoms, attitudes regarding UAI, practicing UAI with casual partners, alcohol and drug use with sex and biographical characteristics.While intentions to use condoms with casual partners were high, one-third (32.1%) of respondents reported UAI with partners met online.Dual-systems theorizing of behavior in social psychology assumes that human behaviors are a joint function of reflective and impulsive processes [35, 36], and each of these systems of processes may be implicated in the possible association between sexual scripts that are generated during online erotic chatting and sexual practices in real life.One explanation, drawing on the role of reflective processes, is that in the course of the online chat actors decide or form an intention to engage in UAI [35, 36].This speaks critically to the assumption that online fantasizing has no behavioral implications, and underscores the importance of human immunodeficiency virus prevention that addresses the dynamics of online chatting.The popularity and usage of the Internet among gay and other men who have sex with men (MSM) reflects as well as shapes their social and sexual lives.Cyberspace also offers an expanding repository for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevention, while at the same time some men use the Internet to find partners for intentional unprotected anal sex (i.e. Over the past decade, the increasing popularity and use of the Internet among MSM in many post-industrial countries has coincided with an increase in rates of HIV and sexually transmitted infection diagnoses in MSM in these resource-rich nations [11–15].

In particular, we theorize that through the online sharing of sexual fantasies about UAI, men jointly construct possible sexual scripts that can guide expectations and sexual interactions when they meet face-to-face.

Responding positively to online chatting about UAI was significantly associated with UAI with partners met online, controlling for intentions, attitudes, behavior and biographic characteristics.

These findings suggest that, while MSM may not go online to seek UAI, some engage in online fantasizing about UAI that is associated with possible sexual risk-taking.

Sexual fantasizing as a site of pleasure is a central aspect of human sexuality [31], and the externalization and responding to sexual fantasies is an important aspect of the erotics of online chatting [1].

The Internet in particular is an important space to explore aspects of sexuality that are less likely to be expressed in real life, for instance out of fear of embarrassment or rejection [32].

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Seeking sexual partners online is associated with sexual risk-taking among men who have sex with men (MSM), but it is not well understood how this use of the Internet is implicated in potential sexual risks.