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Their population is also distributed evenly, for the most part, throughout the swamp.

The Okefenokee isn't the only area occupied by gators, though.

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"We can estimate an alligator's length by estimating the distance between the nose and eyes and substituting feet for inches," said O'Connell.

Gator populations have remained stable in the swamp over the past few years.

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There are even a few gators in Atlanta and northwest Georgia from time to time, but these are a result of people transplanting them.While alligators have increased in number, the areas they occupy have remained virtually the same.Georgia's alligators can be found primarily south of the fall line (roughly from Columbus to Macon to Augusta), their natural geographic range in this state.It's springtime, and the eery calls are common cries from the closest living relative of the dinosaurs, the American alligator.With its dark, dragon-like skin, long muscular tail, and powerful jaws, the alligator is somewhat of a modern dinosaur, having changed little since the crocodilians first appeared 160 million years ago.

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From the brackish waters of coastal estuaries to an entourage of ponds, rivers, and streams, Georgia's gators are scattered throughout south Georgia.

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