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Tim Southern Appalachian® L Bib; i :;,rapb.y ; and Guide to Studies jf AURM. ii Table of Contents Introduction 1 Abbreviations 5 General References 7 Social & Economic Studies of Cities, Counties & Areas 13 Local Government 21 Family Life. LIBRARY WEST VIRGINIA | UNIVERSITY s °Vthern Add*;,, ^ L,b '"aries aprm West Virginia University Library This book is due on the date indicated below. 312 The Southern Mountaineer is, all in all, the most admirable type of American. Children 22 Intelligence & Aptitude 25 Public Health. & LESLIE JONES An experimental field of study of North Georgia mountaineers. "The object of this study was to gather all information possible ...

Only one journal, Mountain Life and Work, has been devoted entirely to the area. As early as 1926 Florence Ridgway detected a pattern which has remained valid to this date.- There were, she felt, three main types of authors writing about the Southern Appa- lachians. The first, the Exploiters, have been in the majority, and have largely created the popular stereotype of the shiftless, ignorant and law- less mountaineer. This journal has been able to publish but a small fraction of even the most significant studies. The result has been that contribu- tions of great importance are to be found in everything from the Atlantic Monthly to Eugenics Quarterly.

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Unfortunately, it is long since out of print and now almost unobtainable. CONFERENCE OF SOUTHERN MOUNTAIN WORKERS The Southern Highlands; an inquiry into their needs, and qualifications desired in church, educational and social service workers in the mountain country.