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This is often demeaning, and the student may feel patronized by this movement.Treat the child in the wheelchair the same way you would treat all children in your classroom.Teachers and teacher assistants will need to take on a very strong leadership modeling role.When one models appropriate ways to support students with special needs, other children in the class learn how to be helpful and they learn how to react with empathy versus pity.Indicate clearly how and where they access doors for recess, and identify any barriers that may be in their way.If alternate paths are required, make this clear to the student.Remember that the child's wheelchair is a part of him/her, don't lean or hang off a wheelchair. What if you were to invite an individual who was in a wheelchair to your house for dinner? Always plan to accommodate the wheelchair, and try to anticipate their needs in advance.Don't assume that the child in the wheelchair is suffering or can't do things as a result of being in the wheelchair. Always beware of the barriers, and incorporate strategies around them.

Use of a recording device for lectures: students may use a device to record lectures.They learn too that the wheelchair is an enabler, not a disabler.All responsibility for the request of accommodations and notification to faculty begins with the student.Students approved for accommodations are strongly asked to first notify their professors online in a timely manner and to follow up the online notification by meeting with professors to discuss accommodations implementation.Extra time on exams and quizzes: Students with this accommodation are allowed extended time on all timed in-class tests and quizzes.

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Make sure desks in your classroom are organized in a way that will accommodate the wheelchair user.

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